Privacy Policy

Charter of data use

The Pan American Fencing Confederation (PFC) website is of public access, except for some information that is only available with a password. The personal data relating to the athletes and referees is entered on the PFC website by the national federations. This data entry is required for the athletes and referees to participate in FIE - PFC competitions. The sports data (results) is entered by the competition organizers.

The database containing this information is strictly reserved for internal use within the PFC or FIE.

On no account will the PFC communicate it either for information purposes or commercial purposes.

Image Rights Policy

The athletes, coaches, and others who participate in FIE - PFC competitions undertake to transfer to the FIE - PFC any individual or collective image rights and agree to be filmed/videotaped (notably by television), photographed, identified, and registered in any way.

The FIE undertakes to use these rights specifically in connection with, but not limited to, the promotion and development of fencing in the following media: publications and reviews, Internet Web site, and audiovisual aids.

In addition, photographs, film, and videos of athletes and participants taken by the official FIE - PFC photographer at FIE - PFC-sponsored events, including, but not limited to Pan American Games and Championships, Central American Games and Championships, world cup, grand prix, world championship, and Olympic competition may be used for editorial and publicity purposes (subject to agreeing to the license agreement contained on this site), and may be offered for sale by authorized CPE - FIE agents to those people depicted in such photographs and their families solely for their personal use.

In the case of a minor, a parent or guardian should sign or agree to the policy.

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